FF Challenge June 16th – Siren Song

Welcome to the Friday Fictioneers Challenge of writing a story 100 words, or less, based on the photo prompt. Thanks once again to the wonderful Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for hosting this challenge. Curious, click her name to get all the rules, join our group, post your own story.

This weeks photo was provided by Dale Rogerson. Remember all photo’s are the property of the photographer, donated for use in Friday Fictioneers. They should not be used for any other purpose without express permission.

Now look closely and you will see me doing my happy dance. After a few weeks of being over the word count, this weeks story is a sleek 99 words.

FF June 16 2017
PHOTO PROMPT © Dale Rogerson

Wisssh-ahhh, wisssh-ahhh.

The waves are a siren song luring us to the beach.

We strolled hand in hand, the ocean licking her long-tanned legs, the moonlight turning her blond hair into a halo. A simple touch and my skin was on fire.

Wisssh-ahhh, wisssh-ahhh.

The waves erased our footprints. We were fleeting. She would break my heart. I stroked her delicate neck. She would be gone without a trace.

Wisssh-ahhh, wisssh-ahhh.

“Henry, Henry!” After 45 years, the shrill voice was painfully familiar. I struggled to hold onto my nymph.

 “Henry, wake up you’re going to burn to a crisp.”

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28 thoughts on “FF Challenge June 16th – Siren Song

    1. Embarrassed to say I had to look up the Selkie myth but now that I did I can see that this could add a new dimension and depth to my story.


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