Tasha – Our Diva Dog

When this picture was taken Tasha, our Tri-Color Rough Coat Collie, was 13 years old. She always appeared to have an attitude of superiority. An attitude that surely she was in the wrong place. Her true home was with the Khardasians or the Hiltons. This error would be discovered shortly, until then she would make do. That doesn’t mean she wasn’t a loving dog. In fact she was very loving and loyal.Tasha

When I met Tasha, about 8 years ago, we bonded instantly. I was always touched by the loud boisterous greeting I got when I visited her father (who was soon to be my husband).  When greeting you Tasha would put her head between your legs and shuffle back & forth, shifting her weight between her back legs, earning her the name of our Dancing Girl.

A talkative dog, Tasha would tell you here life story with different vocalization, not by just barking. By all appearances she was a “girlie” dog. Her delicate manner was belied by her tough attitude. She would take would take no guff from any dogs at the dog park. Often the other dogs at the park were studiously ignored as she spent her time going from one person to another getting the love and adoration she knew she deserved.

When Tasha was 10 she dislocated her back right hip in a collision with our dog Moe. After surgery to insert a pin, to hold her hip in place, she started to suffer from arthritis. Unfortunately this started a downward spiral. The arthritis lead to inactivity. Her inactivity lead to her developing sores (similar to bed sores) on her front elbows and her paws. The jacket she is wearing in the picture was custom-made for her (I will post more on this later). The jacket was designed with padded sleeves to prevent sores and cushion a sore on her right elbow that we struggled to heal. Over her last year with us, she had to be helped to stand up, and sometimes needed support while she walked and went to the bathroom. Despite all her challenges she had a great attitude. She would still greet you, although she remained sitting, with vigorous tail wagging and vocalizations. She was alert and kept an eagle eye on our other dogs. It was her job as the matriarch of the pack to keep them in line. A job she took seriously until the end.

You may have noticed that I have been using the past tense.  We lost Tasha Nov 12, 2014. I know it is sometimes hard to read about dogs that have passed. Don’t be sad, we want to celebrate her life, all she gave and the many, many memories we have of our Diva Dog!


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