Our Boy Taz

Last to join us, but certainly not the least, is our boy Taz.

We first saw Taz in a Petsmart during one of the ASPCA’s adoption days. He was Tazobviously an older dog, with a bit of a grey muzzle, and was 100% mutt. It looked like God had made him from spare parts. His mournful brown eyes contained years of wisdom as they watched the world around him. All eyes and attention were on the various puppies that were also up for adoption. He sat in solitude, an observer not a participant in the day’s event.

We had three dogs already, there was no way we could adopt Taz. We visited him at Petsmart every Saturday for three weeks. Even though the sight of him sitting forlornly in his crate with no one paying attention to him, broke our hearts every time, we resolved regretfully each time that four dogs was just too many. Finally one of the volunteers, having noticed that we always visited Taz, suggested that she let him out of his crate. My husband crouched down, the door swung open, Taz rushed into my husband’s arms almost knocking him off his feet. That’s all it took, he was ours.  He had won our hearts weeks ago, and in a second he dissolved all those weeks of resolve. I went to the shelter the next day and brought him home.

He was an older dog, however he was still very playful and active, spending his days in the yard, watching and noticing everything. Often he demonstrated he was not the smartest dog, often he was the most stubborn, but he was always one of the most loving. He continued to greet us in his enthusiastic manner and would knock you off you feet if you were unprepared.

Unfortunately, we lost Taz to cancer July 30, 2014. We always regretted the lost years before he found us. In the short time he was with us, he enriched our lives, giving us plenty of laughs, love and memories. I hope we enriched his life as well.


10 thoughts on “Our Boy Taz

  1. You got me to laugh when you mentioned that TAZ appeared to have been built from leftover spare parts. Certainly, his head compare to the rest of his body attests to that. A sweet boy, nonetheless. My beloved Cody passed last year, January 8th…seems like yesterday. Thankfully, MAGIC came my way a month before. And life goes on. -Magic’s Dad


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