Adopt Don’t Shop

I thought the information and message contained in the original post was worth repeating.

According to the ASPCA every year 3.9 Million dogs enter shelters acr2dogsoss the US. Of these 35% are adopted or 1,365,000 dogs. For cats 3.4 Million enter shelters every year. Of these 37% are adopted, 1,258,000 cats. That’s 2.7 Million reasons to celebrate!Cat

The tragedy is the other side of the coin. The ASPCA reports that 1.4 Million dogs and 1.3 Million cats are euthanized each and every year.

To put that into perspective. The largest stadium in the US is Michigan Stadium, home of the Michigan Wolverines, which has as capacity of 109,901 people.

Michigan Stadium 2011.jpg

Add Beaver Stadium, home of the Pen State Nittany Lions, with a capacity of 107,282


Add Ohio Stadium, Ohio State Buckeyes, with a capacity of 104,944

File:Skorry-ohiostadium 6048.jpg

and Kyle Field, home of the Texas A & M Aggies, with a capacity of 102,500.


The 1.4 Million dogs euthanized each year would fill all 4 stadiums 4 times, and still 126,000 dogs would not have a seat.

Now you could repeat this exercise with the 1.3 Million cats euthanized every year. Each stadium could be filled 3 times and there would only be 26,119 empty seats.

We can change these numbers by making Pet Shelters and Rescue Agencies our first choice when looking for a new family member. is one of the best places to start.

Find your new family member here! If you have not used their site, Petfinder is a web portal featuring pets from across the US,  that need homes. The Petfinder website is also an excellent resource for prospective pet owners. It features how to tips for deciding on what type of pet your should get, information on what to expect when you adopt your new pet and as well as videos and articles regarding the care of your new family member.

If you know someone who is thinking of getting a new pet, please encourage them to search local shelters and the various rescue organizations across the US.

One last piece of business –

About the numbers. All the numbers are from the ASPCA, who admit that firm numbers are hard to obtain. Please visit their site for more information.


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