About Me and My Blog

The Past and Some Facts

Getting my first dog was just one in a series of decisions that would change the course of my life. As I sit here in Chandler AZ, closer to 60 than 50, flanked by my loyal companions, I have to wonder how I got here. I grew up in a small town in Northern Ontario, Canada. I went to university and spent most of my life in the area around Toronto, Ontario toiling in the corporate world. Through the twists and turns, my life has taken I somehow ended up splitting my time between Alberta and Arizona, retired and happily married for the second time.

The Present and my Passions

An avid reader I treasure the written word, although now it is displayed to me on screens of various sizes. Coming from the BC era (before computers), I have been drawn kicking and screaming into the world of social media and the internet. Although I sometimes protest, I did start this blog with wide-eyed abandon.

I am also passionate about dogs and all the ways they enrich my life. At one time four Dog Collage2loving souls shared my life. Check out the Cast of Characters that share my life. They are my loyal companions and my wise teachers. They offer a source of comfort by simply resting their head in my lap and are often a source of laughter as I watch them navigate the world with wide-eyed wonder and trusting abandonment.

The Future and the Road Map

After observing the antics of my companions over the years, I have many stories in my heart banging at the door, wanting to come out. A storyteller needs an audience. This is where you come in. I want my posts to reach out and grab you, to make you laugh and sometimes move you to tears. As I share the tales of my dogs, I hope to awaken the memories you have of your dogs, past and present. I hope that you will find in me a kindred spirit and will understand the many times I stumbled as I learned to parent my dogs. I hope you will laugh with me. If sharing the sorrow I felt when I lost Taz and then Tasha helps you in grieving the loss of yours then my blog is a success.

Maybe I will encourage someone to take one or more of these loving creatures into their lives, to adopt one of the millions of dogs that need new homes. Maybe I will encourage someone to save a life. My post The Other Side of the Coin provides some startling statistics on abandoned animals.

Whether you love dogs or not I hope you enjoy reading my posts and being part of my life, if even for a minute or two.

Thanks for dropping by. I hope to see you again soon.



18 thoughts on “About Me and My Blog

  1. Just want to see where you are going. I lived in Phoenix for 15 years, now I am in the great northwest for the last 27 years. Keep writing. The site I have been posting on for the Writing 101 exercise is: dragonflysanddreams.wordpress.com though it always defaults to my other blog.


    1. Thanks for checking out my site. Not sure where life is going to take me but I’m looking forward to the ride. Where in the NW are you. I lived east of Vancouver BC for a year. I loved visiting Washington on day trips.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi. It was the link I guess. I am in the midst of a series of posts that highlight the Dogs of My Life or DoML posts. I am working my way up to mu current new addition, a Sheltie named Sydney. I would love for you to read and tell me what you think.


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