Writing 101 A Room With A View

The weak daylight beckons me through the large window. It bounces off the remaining snow, showing it’s self in the diamond patterns on the expansive surface. It’s an invitation I can not decline. I don my winter coat and boots and head out the door.

The snow has melted on the deck and the wood is dry. I sit on the edge to soak up the light. Like a sunflower my face turns upwards to the sky. I drink in the light like a runner wanting to slake his thirst with water. I too have been deprived, I too need to be replenished. A light breeze plays through the tree tops. I celebrate the fact that it is a warm breeze and I feel no need to button my coat and raise it’s hood against the cold.

It is quiet here. Quiet not silent. A squirrel chatters in a nearby tree. Is sending out a warning or merely expressing his disapproval of my presence? As a Canada Goose flies over head I hear the whoop, whoop of it’s wings. Off to the west I see movement in the tree line. Slowly a deer edges out, head up and timid, ready to retreat in a flash of tail if it feels threatened. It senses no threat today and makes it’s way to row of raspberry bushes that protrude from the snow. Slowly two others make there way out of the forest to feed on the dry branches. It has been a long winter for them as well. They are thin, close to starvation as the deep snow has buried most of their food sources. Perhaps they too feel the days are getting longer and the day light is getting stronger.

Perhaps they too feel the promise the light and warmth brings. A promise of warm days that last long into the night. Trees that will soon be in bud, fragile shoots of plants that will emerge from the newly exposed ground. All food to replenish their starving bodies.

For now it remains a promise. A whisper of warm summer days, bright with color and brimming with life.

Sitting in the blazing Arizona sun this morning, this memory brings a smile to my face. Any one who has lived in the northern states or in Canada can relate to how wonderful  the first warm spring days feel. As much as I longed to escape the cold winters in Alberta, I now long for that magical promise of warmth after a long cold winter.




7 thoughts on “Writing 101 A Room With A View

    1. Thanks for your comments. We still have a house in Westerose (about 1/2 hr west of Westaskiwin). We are planning on going back for a couple of months this summers.


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