FF Challenge July 14th – Light of Hope in the Dark

Thanks for stopping by to read my submission to Rochelle’s challenge. New to Friday Fictioneers please click Rochelle Wissoff-Fields to visit her site for all the rules. The bare bones is to write a story based on the photo prompt that is 100 words or less.

The photo prompt this week is provided by Janet Webb, who retains all rights to the photo.

So here is my story –

FF July 14

Walls of seawater swelled by the storm crashed. Floorboards creaked. Her skirt swept the worn floor. She roamed window to window checking the candles. In the blackness of a night when the stars were cloaked by roiling clouds, it was these flickering lights that would guide them past rocky outcrops into safe harbor.

The thump of wood against wood roused her from her sleep. Outlined in dim morning light, her son bounded from the boat. The aging fishing boat that bore her husband and only child was home. She slumped relishing the reprieve.

One by one the candles sputtered out.

Word Count – 100

Thanks for reading. Please click HERE to check out more stories based on the photo prompt.

Have a great day.




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