FF Challenge, March 17th – The Gift

Welcome to this week’s edition of Friday Fictioneers.

A few pieces of important business. First, thank you Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for continuing to challenge us. Please take a moment to visit  Rochelle at her site and take the challenge to write a 100 word micro-story based on the photo prompt.

The intriguing photo this week PHOTO PROMPT © Jennifer Pendergast

It is always amazing to discover the wide variety of tales based on a single image. Click HERE for this week’s submissions.

Here’s my story for this week – The Gift – 101 words

Big Wheel

Some say it was his great-grandfather’s fault. The shipped had stalled. Great-grandpa hadn’t noticed the part falling until it was too late. He watched, horror struck, as it drifted down, pulled by the gentle force of the blue planet.

“It happened long ago,” his great-grandpa said, “it floated down from heaven, a gift from the gods.” For generations, they have worshipped the object, praying for the message behind this miracle to become clear.

Forbidden from interfering with life on other planets, they wait stranded. The debates rage. Should they snatch back the part, changing the destiny of the frail planet further?


Thanks for reading. Any feedback is really appreciated.






17 thoughts on “FF Challenge, March 17th – The Gift

  1. Dear Cindy,

    This does put me in mind of an episode of Star Trek TNG … a few actually where the crew had to follow the Prime Directive. Often it was a hindrance. Love the way you showed this story from the two different points of view. Well done.




  2. This was wonderful, Cindy. Doesn’t have to be nefarious just because it fell from the sky…
    I like the Prime Directive (I would have forgotten the term, too, thanks Rochelle!) idea…


  3. Geez, I thought people from other worlds liked messing with the minds of lesser children of the universe. Snatch the part back and give them something else to wonder about over the next two centuries.


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