Back to Friday Fictioneers, Jan 13th – Heading West

Hey it’s a new year full of promises and hope. If laughter is contagious then  hope can be is as well.

Interested in finding out more about this challenge and the group of writers that accept the challenge each week, start with our host’s Rochelle Wisoff-Fields site by clicking the link below.

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So here is my first submission to this years Friday Ficitioneers.

Photo Prompt Courtesy of  C E Ari  (


The faint hum turned into a vibration rising up through the thin soles of his battered sneakers.

A deafening roar rode the wave of air pushed aside by the train. The metal bit his bare hand as he swung up into the dark car. His breath formed a thick blanket around him, offering little warmth. He smiled as the train lurched into motion heading west to Vancouver. The Promised Land far from here.

“Ah jeez.” The Winnipeg railway man looked down at the frozen body of the adolescent. “Son what could have driven you to such a lonely cruel death?”

100 words

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15 thoughts on “Back to Friday Fictioneers, Jan 13th – Heading West

  1. Another dark one. I like it. Very dramatic in it’s descriptions, even if your use of adjectives is a little verbose. I think the railway man at the end says too much, too, it becomes ever so slightly unbelievable.

    Really strong idea though, super succinct and tells a great story in not many words.


    1. I appreciate your comments. I think you’re r right I did depend on adjectives too much. I really struggled with end there was so much I wanted to say.


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