Friday Fictioneers, Nov 25th – The Score


It is quiet now. All the prep work is done. I have snuck away to do my post before the true rush of preparing a Thanksgiving dinner strikes. For those of you celebrating Thanksgiving, I hope you and your family have a peaceful and happy gathering full of memories you will always cherish.

Two extra thanks for today.

One to Rochelle Wisoff for hosting the challenge. Please check out this link to the FF home base.

One to CE Ayr for providing the photo prompt of the door. I love doors and the endless possibilities they supply. The comings and goings, the soaring hearts of a open door and the crashing dreams of a closed one.

Photo Courtesy of CE Ayr


 The Score

I noticed the newly painted door three months ago. On my nightly walks with my dog Scout, I soaked in the details of the padlocked chain and the shiny lock designed to keep honest people out. Later hunched together with four of my more unsavory friends, we speculated about what lay behind the locked door. As beers were downed, the possibilities grew wilder and wilder.

Last night One-Eyed Sam picked the lock. Shaking in anticipation, we crept through the open door. I  lit my torch and held my breath.

I now know exactly how Geraldo Rivera felt that night in 1986.

100 words

Thanks for reading. Please take a moment to read more of this weeks submissions a this link.


22 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers, Nov 25th – The Score

    1. Sorry about the obscure reference. If you don’t get a chance to google it. He was a talk show host that spent days building up hype to a show where they opened a vault that everyone though belonged to Al Capone only to find it was empty.


    1. Thanks. It was after days of hyping what could be in the vault he opened it up on a prime time TV show watched by millions to find it was empty.
      Glad you liked it despite the obscure reference.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Dear Cindy,

    Gerardo Rivera I remember. I remember him being buffeted by a wrestler on camera after reporting the phoniness of the sport. Since you and Kent went to the same place I think I must look this up. Good story.




  2. Having Googled who “Geraldo Rivera” is/was after reading someone else’s story, I got yours straight away – nice one! I loved the line “shiny lock designed to keep honest people out” – very true!


  3. Interesting that you and Kent both took the “Geraldo” route this week. It must be something in the turkey. Locked doors always spawn curiosity. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.



  4. Wow, there’s a coincidence, 2 posts about Geraldo. I’d never heard of him before. Nicely told. I like the idea of the lock designed to keep honest people out. I was told when I got an allotment not to lock the shed otherwise it would get robbed, the logic being there must be something valuable in there.


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