Friday Fictioneers, Nov 18th – The Music

It’s that time again. I survived another week sane enough to take on Rochelle Wisoff’s writing challenge. The goal – write a story based on the photo prompt in 100 words or less.

As always hats off to our host Rochelle  Wisoff for posting this week’s challenge and for continuing to read and comment on all the stories.

Please check out Rochelle’s blog,, and join us.

Here is this week’s prompt –


PHOTO PROMPT  © Björn Rudberg

The Music 

Running late, racing to be on time for the 8:00 pm curtain call, Stefan pushed his car into the corner. The discordant sound of crushing metal signaled his fatal mistake.

On the anniversary of his death, longing to feel closer to her lost love Margarita clutched Stefan’s prized Cello and wept. As the clock struck 8:00, the music started. Soon she was wrapped in the warm silky tones of Bach´s Cello Suite No. 1 that her husband’s long slender fingers had been able to lovingly coax from the instrument that vibrated in her arms.

Every year growing crowds attend Stefan’s concert.

99 Words

Note –  Another story that involves death. I am not a dark depressed person – really. I tried to get a upbeat note to this story. Did it work?

Thank you to all that took the time to read my story and for commenting or liking this effort. If you would  like to read more please click the link below –





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