Friday Fictioneers, Nov 11th -Home Coming

It’s that time again. The challenge – write a story based on the photo prompt in 100 words or less. Challenge, accepted!

Hats off once again to our host Rochelle  Wisoff for posting this week’s challenge and for continuing to read and comment on all the stories.

Please check out Rochelle’s blog,, and join us.

Here is week’s prompt –

Photo Courtesy of Sandra Crook


The drums of war shattered the peace in their village. A devastated Solange clutched her husband Remy before he and thirty-nine others rode north slowly receding from sight.

Time marched on. Seasons changed. Day and night a determined Solange labored while her hands bled, crafting the tiles in the color of her husband’s coat of arms. Solange’s turret became a beacon seen for miles.

Her task completed, Solange relentlessly scanned the horizon.

In the fifth year, a rag-tag group of men approached from the north. Her heart lurched as she slowly counted. One, two…


99 words

Thank you for reading. I appreciate all comments and encourage you to help me develop my writing skills by being gently critical.

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21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers, Nov 11th -Home Coming

  1. Solange’s hope and determination shines like her roof. Whether Remy is among the ones to return or not–twenty of them are lost and there will be many broken hearts in the village. Great story.


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