Friday Fictioneers, Nov 4th -Never Look Back

Hats off once again to Rochelle  Wisoff for posting this week’s challenge and for continuing to read and comment on all the stories.

The challenge – write a story based on the photo prompt in 100 words or less.

Please check out Rochelle’s blog,, and join us if you dare.

Here is week’s prompt –




The frail voice uttering her Apache name sent her mind careening, bouncing off memories to hot, dusty days at her grandparent’s Trading Post. As a teenager desperate to leave, University provided a stepping stone on the path a new life. Hard work led to Cupertino, California, her bright eyes focused on success. She never looked back.

Still grieving her grandfather, Onawah surveyed the Trading Post ravaged by the plagues of recessions, high gas prices, and indifference. Drawing on the strength of her ancestors and a well-used Marketing Degree,  she built a new Trading Post.

And she never looked back.

100 words

Note – Onawah is an Apache name that means Bright Eyed One

Thank you to all those that read my story last week and for the comments.

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