Friday Fictioneers, Oct 28 – A Bridge Too Far

With a nod to Dr. Seuss l have two things to cover before getting to this week’s story.

Thing 1: I am technically challenged. Last week my dog Willa got tangled in the cords from my laptop and pulled it off a table. Luckily she was not hurt. My laptop was not so lucky. The hard drive sustained a fatal blow. So I am forced to use my unfamiliar tablet. Typing accurately has been a struggle and when composing last week’s post it persisted in changing font colors despite many efforts to correct it. All this is an effort to apologize if you found last week’s post difficult to read.

Also, although I read most of last week’s submissions, it was difficult to submit comments. I know feed back is like oxygen to a writer, so I vow to make more comments this week.

Thing 2: Hats off once again to Rachael Wisoff for posting this week’s challenge and for reading and commenting. Thank you to all those that read my story last week and for the comments.

In case you aren’t aware of Friday Fictioneers, Rachael posts a photo prompt every Wednesday. The challenge is to write a story based on the prompt in 100 words or less. Please check out Rachael’s blog,, and join us if you dare.

Here is week’s prompt –


PHOTO PROMPT  © Peter Abbey (Peter Abbey)

 A Bridge Too Far

He smiles, turning my insides to jelly. The thumping in my ears drowns out rational thought. I  know the murmurings. He’s from the dangerous side of town. Up to no good, he is headed for the State Penn. But I can’t resist the cheeky grin and lazy eyes that lay me bare.

Approaching the bridge, I steel myself against the blistering stares of my friends and the jeers from his. My pulse races. I edge onto the concrete. I expel the breath and schoolgirl fantasies I have been holding, turn on my heels and scurry to the safety of my cozy life.

100 Words

Thanks for reading. Normally I add a link here for you to be able to read more Friday Fictioneer stories but for some reason I can not get the link to work. Please click the link above for Rachael’s site which will lead you to more stories.



17 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers, Oct 28 – A Bridge Too Far

  1. Dear Cindy,

    Oh how I relate to this one. So tempting. There’s something in those dangerous eyes. I applaud her strength, I don’t think she’ll have the regrets she might have otherwise.

    I understand about your computer issues. I hate to type on my iPad. I think you did a great job. Hope you’re able to replace you laptop soonest.




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