Friday Fictioneers, Oct 7th – Bliss

Once again I am tackling the Friday Fictioneers Challenge to write a story, 100 words or less, based on the photo prompt. If you would like to check out the challenge’s blog HERE is the link.

A big thank you to Rochelle Wisoff for taking the time to host the Friday Fictioneers challenge and for dedicating so much time to reading and commenting on all the submissions. I would also like to thank everyone that read my post last week and for taking the time to comment. I am a newbie to the world of writing and any imput you could give me to help me grow is really appreciated.

On to this week’s challenge –



She was absorbed in the view of the cottages, built in an era when life was simpler, and was at peace. Life as a farm laborer was hard, but she mused it was far superior to days spent in the bleak factories that threatened to overrun the village.

The willow trees trailed their fingers along the glass-like surface of the lake. The smell of jasmine filled the air. Breathing it in, she vowed to never leave.

The nurse who had maneuvered the wheelchair in front of the large photograph, the only color in the stark windowless room, shrugged and left.

Thanks for reading. If you would like to read more entries, click HERE.


21 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers, Oct 7th – Bliss

      1. This made me think of when I was still working. I was a nurse. I wonder how man of my patients was like this woman. I wonder if I was like the nurse in your story. This is very strange because I can’t see what I’m typing. I hope it works.



      2. It worked. My son’s girlfriend is a geriatric nurse and I know she gets really attached to her patients and loves her job. I hope if I need too I could life a happy life on my memories and my mind.

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  1. She seems to be happily living in her imagination. I understand as my mother had Alzheimer’s. She was in her 90’s and thought it was her 30’s. She traveled at night in her dreams. Good writing, Cindy. 🙂 — Suzanne


    1. Thank you for your kind comment. I am glad you could see some positive in your mother’s condition. We can only hope they are happy even if they are out of step with time.


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