Moe Has a Secret Superpower

Moe has a secret superpower, and this is how we discovered it.


Moe and His Partner in Crime Willa

There was the time my husband left his apple pie and ice cream on the kitchen counter unguarded for just a moment. Honestly, he swears he turned his back for just a split second. In that brief window of opportunity, the pie and ice cream disappeared into the stomach of the big brown dog. After an expletive utterance, I heard the common phrase we have developed “I didn’t even know he was in the room.” How could Moe have been standing by the counter without my husbanding being aware of his massive presence?  Take for another example our quiet evening watching TV in our bedroom. We like most people keep the remote control close at hand. So why then was I distracted by the distinct sound of teeth on plastic? Roused from the show, I saw Moe laying on the floor beside the bed with the remote clutched in his front paws. As with most things these days he didn’t destroy the remote, he was chomping down just enough to get our attention. The familiar noise that sends chills down my spine, a reaction developed when I found him happily chewing my new cell phone when he was still a puppy. But when and how did he get the remote control without our noticing?

For those of you not familiar with Moe, he is a large dog by most standards, currently, weighing 100 lbs. When he sleeps in his favorite spot, the tub in the master ensuite, he fills it. It seems that it would be impossible for such a large dog to enter a room unnoticed, but we are often caught off guard, left sputtering “I didn’t know Moe was in here.” So the big question we have is how did he get so stealthy?

The examples go on and on. When Moe was a puppy a trail of chewed shoes strewn about the house left us with the question how and when did he get them? Now that he is older we know he is just taunting us with his superpower when we find shoes left abandoned unchewed in the living room and a trail of hand towels stolen from the bathrooms leading the way down the hall. But we get the last laugh when we find him blocked in a room staring at us from the wrong side of the gate used to keep him out of the room.

It is a fact. Moe has a developed stealth capabilities.  He best keep his superpower a secret. We don’t want him dog-knapped by a foreign government.


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