A Little Help Needed

Black and White Puppy
A Little Help Here!

It starts with the little things. The tiny puppy too small to jump onto the couch or bed. The brave ones will struggle until they find a way to conquer their personal Mount Everest. So it was with Moe. It didn’t take the small bundle of energy long to figure out how to climb onto the couch. The bed was another matter.

Moe would run, take the leap of faith required, then find himself splayed, legs wide open, in a face plant on the side of the mattress. My husband and son took pity on the little guy and tried to teach him to jump. They would start in the hallway, or across the room from the bed. Encouraging Moe every step of the way, they would run to the edge of the bed, crying out “Jump, jump!” Moe spurred on by the cheering section would run and jump, landing face embedded in the side of the bed.

Time to revise the training method. The beginning was the same run to the bed. The change in strategy was that while yelling out “jump” they would aid Moe by boosting his butt up until he landed on the bed. After a few weeks of intensive training, and a growth spurt, we witnessed the results. Now a fearless Moe would bound towards the bed, jump and land with his front legs sprawled on the bed, his back legs firmly grounded on the floor. Here’s were the training kicked in, he would then turn and look at my husband or son, clearly stating “this is where you lift my butt up onto the bed”.


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