A Quiet Evening with Moe and Willa

At Night with Moe and WillaAnd so it starts. Tonight it is with the gray blanket from the family room; other nights it’s the smaller blue blanket from the kitchen area. It is a routine repeated each and every night.

At the end of the day we are content to retreat to our bedroom to watch TV. It is a time to relax and immerse ourselves into the lives of our favorite TV characters. It is escapism at its finest. While we indulge ourselves, ever loyal Willa is content to lay on the floor beside my husband, when he’s home; on the bed beside me when he’s not. When the evening starts Moe is usually found outside taking in the sounds and smells of the quiet evening, occasionally conversing with the other dogs in the neighborhood.

As if tipped off to the fact that the murderer is about to be revealed or the lead character is about to deliver the cleverest comedic line ever written, Moe will prance into the room dragging one of the blankets that normally lie scattered around the house. This is not an easy task for the Big Brown Dog. Moe is often tripped up when his hind legs insist on planting themselves on the very blanket he is trying to drag. Persistence usually pays off. He will enter the room dragging his blanket of choice, stand at the end of the bed, look at us and bark one loud resonating bark, trumpeting his accomplishment and demanding he be rewarded for his efforts. Once sufficiently rewarded, with lots of ear rubbing and proclamations of what a good dog he is and sometimes some kibble or other treat, we will be left in peace. After re-winding, we settle into the quiet and attempt to rejoin the show. A few minutes will pass before a prancing Moe arrives with one of my flip-flops or one of my husbands shoes. He doesn’t chew these items, they are simply presented so that he can claim his reward. This familiar drill will be repeated several times throughout the evening before he finally collapses in the hallway or the en suite bath tub for the long night’s sleep.

Like most people we watch pre-recorded shows or we binge watch TV episodes on Amazon or Netflix. Thanks to the antics of our Big Brown Dog Moe, when we view a 20 minute episode it will take us 40 to 50 minutes; an hour show can take up to one and half hours. As frustrating as they may be, the interruptions by Moe would be sorely missed if they stopped. Who could possibly live without relishing the site of a large brown dog carrying around a bright pink flip-flop, chest puffed with immense pride at his accomplishment?


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