The Fifth Day After Christmas

Bathtub Moe

It is the fifth day after Christmas and as in the story old

not a creature is stirring, not even Bathtub Moe.

The place where the tree once stood is empty and bare,

all the tinsel and needles swept up with great care.


The Christmas turkey, ham and all the stuffing has been eaten,

although I swore to resist, my resolve was severely beaten.

I indulged in eggnog, cookies, candy and cake,

sadly I ate until no more my poor stomach could take.

Vigilant Willa

Ever vigilant, our dog Willa waited for more,

she waited and waited for food to hit the floor.

Not a crumb nor scrap was wasted, not even a morsel,

why then do I feel so guilty and ever remorseful?


It went by in a blur, my memories are foggy.

The guests have all left, all that remain are my doggies.

My good fellows I wish you a Happy New Year,

may it be filled with cold noses and tails that wag with good cheer.


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