Take a Breath

Christmas Dog 1

It all starts late in November, with Thanksgiving. It is a time for family. A time of feasts, football and Black Friday shopping. It is the start, the tip of the iceberg, the kickoff of the Christmas season.

The month building up to the Christmas Day crescendo is jammed full. There are  social engagements with co-workers and friends. More eating and drinking too much. Returning home late from work and staying out until the wee hours of the morning. There is the stress of shopping. The pressure of getting the perfect gift for everyone on your list. There is decorating, finding the perfect Christmas tree, decking the halls, putting up the outdoor lights and displays. And let us not forget our kids who like a windup toy get more excited as the magical day approaches.

Christmas Dog 2

Through all of this we often forget about our best friend. The friend that is left alone for long hours while we attend all the gatherings. The friend that copes with their home being invaded by an endless procession of friends and family. The friend that often gets into trouble when they try to investigate that perfectly decorated tree, the one that clearly doesn’t belong inside the house. How are they to know the dangling ornaments are for viewing only and should not be touched and certainly not  batted around like a toy? The friend who clearly did not understand that the perfectly wrapped gift, with the perfect bow, left under the tree was not a new chew toy. Our best friend, the one that picks up on our stress and our kid’s excitement. The one that finds an outlet for their excitement by destroying that perfect Christmas tree or by chewing the expensive new shoes you brought for the Christmas party.

Christmas Dog 3

Before you admonish your dog for their bad behavior, take a breath. Try to understand that they are just struggling to understand the madness that has taken hold of their family and their home for the last 30 days. With less than a week before Christmas day try to carve out some time to comfort you best friend. Try to give them back the routine and peaceful home they cherish.


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