Looking for Inspiration

Totally Gratuitous Dog Picture - But It's Cute!
Totally Gratuitous Dog Picture – But It’s Cute!

I decided today that I was going to publish a post. That difficult decision made, the next step was to decide what I would write. Being a relatively newbie to the blog world, I have always been able to find topics for my posts. Until today. I had been told it would happen. I dreaded the day. And here it is. My blank mind matched the blank screen in front of me. Now what? I needed inspiration, that’s what. I scrolled through the photo’s I have of my dogs and came up with … nothing. I read through some very interesting blog posts and … still nothing. I wandered through the house in search of my two canine companions, they always inspire me and … once again nothing.

Back at my computer I sat and then I sat some more. Finally the small idea buried deep in my brain started to take shape. First I remembered that I had read an article in a magazine that I wanted to research further. OK, great, what was the article? And then I remembered. How could I have forgotten? It was such an inspirational article. It was on … Wings of Rescue.

Wings of Rescue, is an all volunteer organization run by pilots that saves lives. According to their website (found here or linked through their name) –

Every day, amazing dogs wake up for the last time in animal shelters nationwide…

Dogs of all ages including pregnant dogs and their newborn puppies – spend their last day in a shelter and are euthanized simply due to lack of space. Too many dogs, not enough homes. We work every day to change that by providing desperately needed air transport for our rescue partners and the thousands of animals they save each year from high kill shelters in California. We fly these precious passengers in private airplanes to their new forever homes and rescue organizations up and down the west coast in Oregon, Washington, Idaho and even Canada.

Wings of Rescue has saved 15,102 lives to date.

This is a truly inspirational story, how could I have forgotten it. With the holiday gift giving season coming, I hope you don’t forget Wings of Rescue or any of organization that helps find forever homes for the millions of dogs and cats in need.

Is your next pet here?

Pet Adoption


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