The Vulture – Monday’s Finish the Story for Oct 26th

The  Mondays Finish the Story challenge is to write a short story (100-150) words that contain the first line provided and is related to the photo provided. Here’s mine for this week. Enjoy!

The Vulture“I watched the vulture looking at me hungrily as I lay on the ground bleeding and injured.”

“What a fine kettle of fish you’ve got your self into,” I thought. Why must I always run the fastest and farthest? It always ends in disaster. No wonder my owners calls me Rufus the Dufus.

boy and dogI think about Trevor. I’ve known the 10 year old all his life. I followed him, ready to break his fall, while he learned to walk. I was his one true companion when the boys in the neighborhood were mean. I would make him laugh, when I knew he was sad. What would happen to Trevor now? I wish I was looking up into his eyes not this vulture’s. Overcome by sadness I let out long low wail.

“I hear him, I hear him,” an excited Trevor screamed. Climbing over rocks, he spotted the crumpled black and white form.  With a screech of happiness he bounded towards his best friend.

Thank you Barbara for hosting this challenge. If you would like to take part, click the link above!


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