A Truce Has Been Called

Moe and Willa

Do my eyes deceive me? Is this Moe and Willa sitting together peacefully? There was a time when I did not think this was possible.

In my post It’s Mine I have written about Willa’s tendency to believe that everything belongs to her. Her herding instinct leads her to “gather” all toys and treats then guard them. This instinct has made life difficult for Moe. Willa will ruthlessly steal any treat or toy from him. As such, Moe gives Willa a wide berth. Over the years they have been quite content to ignore each other, easy enough to do when we had four dogs.

Alas we lost our beloved pack members Taz and Tasha last year. Almost instantly this changed the dynamics in our house. An truce has been called. Episodes of Willa stealing from Moe have become less and less. Now when Moe is playing with one of his toys she will simply leave the room. Moe, who in the past has brutishly guarded his food, can now be seen eating beside Willa. Now we watch nervously as the eight year old, 100 lb, Moe play fights with the 47 lb Willa, who appears more and more fragile now that she is 13 years old.

It is not a perfect truce. Occasionally the peaceful co-existence is shattered. Like a young child tattling on another, we hear Moe barking in a high pitched staccato manner. He is telling us that once again Willa has stolen a toy from him and he fully expects us to get it back.


5 thoughts on “A Truce Has Been Called

    1. When Moe was about 2 we adopted an older dog that needed a home and we made the mistake of introducing the new dog to our home too quickly. It was almost a disaster when they fought. We had to keep them separate for a few months and slowly Moe accepted Taz. Please careful and introduce a new dog slowly. Thanks for reading!

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