How Do We Mend Moe’s Broken Heart?

Here’s what lead to the heartbreak.

We live in the Phoenix area, however, when the universe is kind and the stars align we are able to leave the blazing heat of Arizona and spend our summers at our place in Central Alberta. The respite for this year has ended and we are now back in our home in Arizona.

It had been a great three months up north. Long summer days ended with the sun slowly sliding into the horizon around 11:00 pm. With the exception of a few days the daily highs settled nicely at 75-80° F, while the cool nighttime temperatures of 50-65° F encouraged deep restful sleep for all of us.

Moe Hidden in Bushes

Our rural property consists of five nicely tree acres. For the first time we had our dogs, Moe and Willa, on radio collars which allowed them to roam freely over about one acre of land surrounding the house. Each morning was like Christmas morning, Moe and Willa would bound out the dog door eager to discover who had visited the house during the night. Each would spend hours nose to the ground tracking smells. When the explorations had been complete Willa would come back in to sleep for a while. Moe would settle under some bushes or on one of the decks to sleep. Moe also discovered some pesky squirrels that would torment him from the bows of the spruce trees; always out of reach but never out of sight. Occasionally deer, coyotes and rabbits would emerge from the forest and Moe would have to vigilantly bark to ward off each intruder.

Desert Yard

Sadly our vacation came to end. Back in Arizona we have been assaulted by daily highs of 90-100°. Much too warm for the Big Brown Dog and his thick fur coat. A quick inspection of the small yard turned up no evidence of deer, coyotes, rabbits or pesky squirrels. The gecko’s darting across the fence haven’t interested Moe at all. Moe has sought refuge in the bathtub in the master ensuite or the dark of the small walk-in closet. We have tried to entice him with his treat dispensing toys. All attempts have been met with indifference. He is eating and drinking  fine and otherwise appears healthy, so we are convinced he is depressed. He misses his yard and the animals from our northern home.

We are going to set up a sandbox in the yard where we can hide toys and rawhide chews. Hopefully this will spark some life back into our listless Moe. Do you have any other ideas of what we could set up in our small desert yard to entertain Moe?


2 thoughts on “How Do We Mend Moe’s Broken Heart?

  1. Aww poor Moe, how about a little kids swimming pool or making some yummy frozen treats for him, also since he really loves sniffing after animals you could try doing scent work with him. Hope he gets back to his usual self soon 🙂


    1. Thanks for your suggestions. We had thought of the swimming pool, in the past we had one and he would not go in it but we may try again. We will definitely look into the treats and the scent training.


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