The Life of Riley – Monday’s Finish the Story for Oct 12th.

The  Mondays Finish the Story challenge is to write a short story (100-150) words that contain the first line provided and is related to the photo provided. Here’s mine for this week. Enjoy!

Life nof Riley

“Now this is living the life of Riley.” Chester thought to himself.

Life had not always been easy. The Ryan’s had taken Chester, an adventurous kitten, into their home, a surprise gift for their daughter. With wide-eyed wonder he had stared at the little girl as she clutched him tightly. He felt loved.

As time passed, Chester wondered how he had offended the girl who would no longer pick him up. He was left neglected, like the dolls now pushed to the back of the dark closet. When Chester found himself in a long row of cages, he cried out for the girl; she would not appear. His cries mingled with those of the other cats and dogs, too numerous to count.

Many days passed before the young woman with shining eyes took him from his cage. With wide-eyed wonder he observed his new home. Once again he felt loved.

Thank you to Barbara Beacham for hosting this challenge.

This week’s story is a cautionary tale. As the Christmas gift giving season approaches it is important to remember that pets of any kind may not be a great gift. Pets are a responsibility and require a huge commitment stretching over many years.



7 thoughts on “The Life of Riley – Monday’s Finish the Story for Oct 12th.

  1. I love the happy ending! I cannot go to the Animal Shelter because it tears my heart out. I only go when I am going to adopt a pet. Yes, they are a committment and we need to keep our end of the bargain. They are worth it!

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    1. Thanks. For far too many people animals are disposable like clothing that goes out of style. It’s important for people to realize the commitment they are making before bringing an animal home. OK I will get down from my soap box now.


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