Castle Island – Monday’s Finish the Story Flash Fiction for Oct 5th

The  Mondays Finish the Story challenge is to write a short story (100-150) words that contain the first line provided and is related to the photo provided. Here’s mine for this week. Enjoy!

Castle Island

“Few knew about the castle hidden inside the island.”

King led me down the narrow cavern to his court hidden in the bowels of the craggy island. Spears of English Springer Spanielsunlight shot through the rock bathing the worn surface of his throne in golden tones. From this noble perch the King ruled his land with swift justice. A piercing bark would banish all wayward creatures. Only a favored few were allowed to grace his presence.

A small noise from some rocks shattered the quiet. King sprang into action. His powerful legs pumped. The mouse found a small hole and escaped. With a whine, King pawed at the opening. I soaked in his excitement, joy and frustration. Soon our weekly visit would come to an end. Visiting this island gave my English Springer Spaniel a chance to escape the confines of our apartment. A chance to be a dog and to be a true King for a day.


7 thoughts on “Castle Island – Monday’s Finish the Story Flash Fiction for Oct 5th

    1. Thank you, glad you liked the stoty. As you have experienced dogs like people all have their own quirks and personalities.


  1. Nice story. I live in an apartment with my dog and feel so guilty sometimes! I take any chance I can to get her outside so she can run.


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