The Witch Monday’s Finish the Story for Sept 14th

The  Mondays Finish the Story challenge is to write a short story (100-150) words that contain the first line provided and is related to the photo provided. Here’s mine for this week. Enjoy!

Witches House
The Witches House

From her small balcony, the witch watched the world go by.”

No one would ever know the secret hidden behind her satisfied smile.

Despite his softly whispered pledges of love and loyalty, like a hound dog drawn to a bitch in heat, he left their tiny home and headed to the local bar. Night after night she watched him carefully comb his raven locks and prepare to leave. Her love had never been enough to contain his restless spirit. It was only by the weak morning light that he would return, reeking of beer and strange perfume.

He had never believed the wild rumors of spells and witchcraft that circled Black Labthrough the village. Perhaps if he had paid attention he would not have treated her so badly. It was all too late now. Water under the bridge. A loud laugh escaped her throat as she stroked the shiny black coat of the Labrador Retriever sitting loyally at her side.


20 thoughts on “The Witch Monday’s Finish the Story for Sept 14th

  1. It’s best not to annoy a witch. I hear they’re not known for their forgiving natures! Of course, if he had believed the stories about her being a witch, would he have acted differently or was that just him being him? Nice story!


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