The Battle of Wills

It is a battle of wills. I am not sure if either combatant is aware they have been caught up in the battle. I watch as an interested bystander.

On one side is my husband. A man who loves his dogs with unwavering devotion. A man who works tirelessly to make sure his dogs are healthy and happy.

My Husband Feeding Wild Horse in Reno
My Husband Feeding Wild Horse in Reno

On the other side is Willa, the steadfast, devoted dog that follows her “Dad” from room to room. Willa who sits by my husband’s side as he works long into the wee hours of the morning.

Willa Tracking
Willa Tracking

So what could possibly place these loyal companions into a face-off that shows no sign of ending? The root of the ongoing battle is the Blanket. It started innocently enough, like most conflicts. My husband knows that his stalwart companion likes to sit on soft things. He has frequently observed that if anything soft lands on the floor, Willa will lie on it. This goes to the extreme that even as I am changing the sheets on our bed, placing the ones in need of laundering on the floor, Willa will immediately lay on them. My husband thoughtfully spread the Blanket on the floor for Willa to use. He carefully folded the Blanket, gently placing it down, smoothing away any wrinkles.

Upon seeing the meticulously placed Blanket, Willa will studiously paw at it and use her nose to rearrange the flat surfaces into a tangled heap before using it. Thus the vicious circle begins. Each combatant following their instincts: my husband protectively providing a smooth surface, Willa instinctively building a nest. In this battle of wills who will win? I’m not sure but I think Willa is in the lead!

Willa On Blanket


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