Dogs are Like Snowflakes

Lab with SnowIt is well-known that on close inspection every snowflake is different. Each an individual. To some, dogs are alike, especially those of the same breed. That is simply not true. Like snowflakes each dog is an individual with an individual personality. That became abundantly clear when we challenged each of our dogs with the same puzzle toys.

The first challenge was the basic Cube.

The CubThis is a cube of hard plastic with a hole on one side. Dry dog food is poured into it and the challenge for your dog is to get the food out. It’s a fairly easy puzzle and most dogs will soon learn to push the cube over from one side to the next until the hole is facing down and food falls out. For our dogs here was their reactions.

Tasha in Her Younger Days
Tasha in Her Younger Days

Tasha just ignored the cube.

Willa Caught Sleeping
Willa Caught Sleeping

Willa picked it up using the hole as a handy place for her lower teeth, and after parading around with her prize for a while, carried it to her hiding place in the bedroom.

Taz on Patrol
Taz on Patrol

Taz got the idea that there was food in the cube and he needed to do something to get the food out. Unfortunately he only got as far as pushing the cube around and never got the hang of actually tipping it over.

Moe in his Younger Years
Moe in his Younger Years

Moe mastered the cube immediately, rolling it around the room and emptying its contents onto the floor for consumption.

Challenge number two was a Tug-A-Jug.

Tag A JugDry dog food is placed into the bottle by unscrewing the bottom of the bottle. Your dog then has to master a series of moves to have the food come out of the top.

And the results were –

Tasha ignored the Tug-A-Jug and wonders why we kept insisting she work for her food and actually eat food off the floor. Ugh disgusting!

Willa picked up the bottle by the rope and carried it around for a while before placing it in her hiding place beside our bed.

Taz quickly got the ideal that the rope was stopping the food from coming out. The early version we had used a rubber “rope”. Taz quickly chewed the “rope” off making the toy unusable. He got all the food and he eliminated the pesky rope.

Moe loves this toy. He has devised a series of moves whereby he tips the bottle onto it’s base pushing the rope in thus ensuring the food and knot of the rope are at the bottom, next he tips the bottle onto it’s head ensuring the food falls towards the mouth of the bottle with the knot landing behind the food and finally he tugs on the rope which pulls some food out. He contently repeats these maneuvers until the bottle is empty.

Four dogs, four solutions to the same problems.


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