My Dogs and Their Self-Driving Cars

This post was inspired by one by Gnawing the Bone entitled Two Votes for Self-Driving Cars. Have a look, it has a great photo!

It made me think. If my dogs had self-driving cars, what would they be and where would they go? Here’s what I think.


Tasha in Her Younger Days
Tasha in Her Younger Days

Tasha was our Diva Dog. Her self-driving car would have been a sleek two seater convertible in slick black, definitely a Mercedes or BMW. She would go shopping, but not to buy anything, after all I do all her shopping for her and it would be beneath her to be seen carrying bags. Tasha would just want to be seen being driven around Rodeo Dr, bright red scarf jauntily tied around her head, dark sunglasses reflecting the world around her, a la Grace Kelly.


Taz on Patrol
Taz on Patrol

Taz would not have had a car. A self-driving ATV would have been his vehicle of choice. Taz our Sentry would have zipped around the yard, making more rounds than he could on foot. ensuring all was safe in his world. With an ATV he would have been able to chase squirrels and catch them before they reached the safety of a tree.


Willa Sleeping While I Write
Willa Sleeping While I Write

Willa, our herding dog, would have a pick-up truck. You never know when you could run into a stray cow or sheep that needs to be rounded up and taken back to the herd. Willa is a no nonsense dog and a four by four pick up would suit her just fine. Extremely loyal to my husband, whenever he left the house Willa would spend her time following him around, just as she she follows him when he is home. She would keep him in sight to ensure he didn’t stray to far.


Moe in his Younger Years
Moe in his Younger Years

Moe would have a Big Black Van. That is what we drive. Moe has spent many days in our van as we traversed the US and Canada. He has become so attached to the van that sometimes when we are traveling it is difficult to get him to leave it. When we are at a hotel, the route for potty breaks has to be carefully planned. If Moe sees the van on his walk he freezes becoming a 100 lb boat anchor. At that point, he will only go to the van nowhere else. I think if Moe had his very his own black van, one that he never had to leave, he would think he had died and gone to dog heaven. Moe would take his van on food runs. A Lab can never have too much food. The local PetSmart would be his destination of choice. He would spend hours wandering the aisles sampling the treats and food before loading up the van, which luckily has a large cargo space.

What would your dog drive and where would they go?


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