In Need of Some Serious R and R

The last couple of weeks have been tiring and stressful for our pack.

Willa RestingSpurred on by the wedding invitation we started planning planning our trip to Toronto months ago. Although not our first choice, we had decided to board our dogs. Normally when we traveled, we were comforted by the fact that a carefully chosen pet sitter would come and stay overnight at our house. Unfortunately, Moe has become more and more aggressive towards strangers coming into our home, so we spent several weekends visiting kennels to ensure our babies would be okay for their four day stay. They would be emancipated by my husband on his return on May 4th.

On May 1st with trepidation we dropped Moe and Willa off at the boarding kennel prior to our flight. Although it was to be a short stay we were like parents watching a son or daughter going off college for the first time. Unaware of our hearts breaking, they happily trotted away with the attendant.

On my husband’s return, at first it appeared Moe and Willa’s stay in the kennel had gone well. Then he discovered Willa, ever a nervous Nellie, had licked raw patches on her back legs which had become infected. She has been subjected to wearing the cone of shame until they are fully healed. Moe was bitten by some “bug” in his lower abdomen, which may or may not have happened at the kennel. Seeking relief from the itchiness, or simply seeking revenge he attempted to lick his abdomen raw. Before Moe inflicted any serious damage my husband put a cone on him and he will have to brave this indignity until the bites marks and any desire to lick the area is gone.

My trip extended to May 16th which meant my husband was home alone with the dogs for 12 days. He usually works away from home for four days, every second week, so this extended time at home was a bonanza for Moe and Willa. My husband loves his dogs and ensures me the most effective way to train them is to “love them good”. This methods requires administering lots of treats and belly rubs and I have been warned that it may take 12-14 years for them to be fully trained.

One of his favorite games with the dogs is to play 52 pick-up, which is similar to the kids game where one person declares in a loud voice “52 pick-up” while spraying a full deck of cards across the floor for others to pick up. The latest version does not require any verbal declarations, only the scattering of kibble across the floor for the dogs to pick up. Moe and Willa love this game and wait ever alert for kibble to come raining down. They fully believe the adage “you snooze, you loose”. When my husband is at home they sleep lightly, waiting for the sound of kibble hitting the floor, or the sound of the door to the “treat cabinet” opening.

All the love, attention and food usually means that after my husband leaves, to Moe Restingwork on site at his clients, the dogs are exhausted. Fully resigned to the fact that no food will be raining down during his absence, they find a quiet place to sleep. I do not see them until meal time. This week after my husband has been home for such an extended time, I may have to wake them up for their dinner.


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