Help Spread the Adopt Don’t Shop Word

As you saunter through my posts or pages you will find that I am passionate in my belief that we can all play a role in helping shelter animals. If you haven’t read my post/page on the astonishing number of animals euthanized every year, please do so.

My passion lead me to create the design below. I hope you agree that it could be a used to help spread the message.

Save a Life 5 wide

If you choose to support just cats or just dogs, here are more designs. All of these design are available on T-Shirts, Pins and Key Fobs at in my bigbrowndoggifts store.

Save a Cat 5 Wide

Please note that I normally make a 5% royalty on anything sold with one of my designs. For Adopt Don’t Shop that royalty will be donated to the ASPCA. If you are interested in purchasing any of these products, simply click on the image and it will take you to the store.

Save a Dog 5 wide

By encouraging people to adopt from shelters, we can save lives. Together we can spread the word.  If we can raise a little money at the same time, well that would be the cherry on top!



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