Blog the Change: please consider adopting an older pet!

I am hoping by re-blogging your post more people will get a chance to read your article. Thank you for becoming a champion for adopting older pets. I would like to add one additional reason for adopting old pets. Although I don’t like to think of myself as a senior yet, that time is coming. We recently lost two of our dogs and are starting to think about adding another member to our pack. Because we are getting older ourselves I don’t think it would be wise to adopt a puppy, which may actually outlive us or our ability to take care of them.

The Pet Mom


(Photo courtesy of the Humane Society of North Iowa)

Today is “Blog the Change for Animals” – a posting challenge to write about a cause near and dear to your heart, and to make a fresh commitment to that cause.

I have been nuts about animals my whole life. All critters, really. I started trying to “save them all” even as a small child. I swear every stray in the vicinity knew my address, because they knew a little girl lived there who would give them food, water and love. I wasn’t able to do much back then, but I tried.

The ones that needed me weren’t puppies and kittens. They were older, street-smart if you will. They didn’t have that adorable kitten/puppy aspect – they didn’t roll over and act cute and sweet. They were tired, hungry, and most of all, wary.  Most didn’t come near me. But…

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