Don’t Let That Innocent Face Fool You

Tasha Low Res

You are looking into the eyes of a thief.

Oh, she was our Diva dog, most certainly. She would not eat food off the floor or take a treat from your hand if it was not up to her “standards”. She could be aptly described as a picky eater. Often turning her head away if she didn’t like what was in her food bowl, she was never one to dive into her food with the complete joy and abandon of, say,our lab. It was more like, “Well, if that’s the best you can do, okay. I guess I’ll eat it.  But I’m doing you a favor.”

Ah, but leave a cooked steak or hamburgers unguarded, and they would be gone in a flash. I once came in from the BBQ with a plate of four hamburgers and set them on the counter. I then realized I had forgotten to shut off the BBQ. It may have been all of 15 steps out the door and then back into the house. Awaiting me on my return was an empty plate with Tasha sitting near by looking innocent, all the while contentedly licking her lips.

A similar scenario occurred with a steak. The only traces were the grease streak left on the counter when the purloined steak was dragged across it and, of course, an unrepentant Tasha with a satisfied look on that beautiful face.

Much as it pains me to admit it, our Diva dog was an incorrigible thief – too dignified to eat “mere dog food”, but not too proud to steal what was, after all, rightfully hers.


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