Lesson #1 Love Comes in All Shapes and Sizes

If you have had a chance to look at my Cast of Characters page, you will see a wide range of dogs have shaped my life. One of my best friends was a pure bred Collie, while the last to join our pack was 100% mutt, who at the estimated age of 6 stole my heart when I saw him at a pet adoption event. Both shared their lives with me in the same manner. Both made me laugh. Both gave me tears of joy when I was boisterously greeted after a long absence and tears of sorrow when they departed this life.

Our pack currently includes a 50 lb Australian Cattle Dog X and a 100 lb Lab X. I honestly believe that dogs do not see size and do not see breeds. If you have spent time in a dog park, you notice that one breed doesn’t hang out in one corner separate from other breeds. A mutt is not shunned for his lack of proper breeding. Instead they mix and mingle based more on energy level than anything else.

I did not and do not receive more companionship from our pure bred dog than from our pure bred mutt. Our 50 lb dog does not require or seek less love than our 100 lb dog, although it is harder to ignore the 100 lb dog when he decides to be a lap dog.

Dogs come in all different shapes from a 4 lb Chihuahua to a 200 lb Mastiff. The American Kennel Club officially recognizes 177 dog breeds. So as a starting point there are 177 types of dogs to love and I would think there are more than 177 ways to love them. However, that is just the tip of the iceberg. The possibilities for love and companionship increase exponentially when you add in cross breeds and the lovable mutt.

The first lesson my dogs taught me is that love comes in all shapes and sizes. The second was their love and companionship is not conditional.


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